Ideas for increasing employee engagement
The ebook, Getting Real about Employee Engagement, published by BambooHR, OfficeVibe and Payscale, provides interesting leads for promoting engagement.

  • Take your employees’ pulse
    You must know each employee and use group data collection techniques, such as surveys.
  • Practise open bilateral communication
    Decision-making requires honesty and transparency at all organizational levels.
  • Invest in their growth
    You should aim to ensure your employees’ well-being while reducing their work-related stress. You must examine their autonomy, sense of responsibility, task mastery and monitor their progress.
  • Build a culture of appreciation
    Recognition must be frequent, specific and aligned with company values. Encourage participation and feedback.
  • Make decisions based on company values
    And make sure your employees feel included.
  • Give them the right tools for the job.
    Staying abreast of new developments is essential, especially in hi-tech sectors.
  • Promote connectivity
    Foster a positive emotional experience with the company. You must build one-on-one relationships with each of your employees.

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Taking your company’s pulse by having management and staff respond to anonymous organizational surveys is a fundamental part of the EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYER program.

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