Making your employees brand ambassadors
The best-performing companies hire and train their employees to become their best elements and especially AMBASSADORS for life.

Here are a few thoughts taken from the book Getting Real about Employee Engagement.

  • Hone your hiring practices to retain employees who have the most affinity with your mission, vision and values and who are the most likely to become your ambassadors.
  • Give these employees opportunities to collaborate on important projects outside of their departments. This will allow them the opportunity to acquire a horizontal view of your organization and a better capacity for teamwork, as well as to develop their talents. Taking on responsibilities will lead them to become increasingly engaged and productive as employees.

The price to pay

Fostering employee talent will normally lead them to climb the ranks to become, let’s say, head of the department or maybe even your own boss. They may even be recruited by another organization within your network.

That’s business and sometimes the price to pay for giving them the opportunity to meet new challenges. But that price will largely be offset by the unwavering respect they will always have for your organization for all the support you have shown them. They will surely become one of your ambassadors for life.


The EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYER program recognizes communication within and between work teams as a factor that contributes to workplace harmony.

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