What can you do on a team- as well as company-level to maximize employee engagement?

Reading the ebook Getting Real about Employee Engagement, published by large human resources firms, led us to question ourselves about the causes of low employee engagement and on the best practices to apply to correct the situation. Here is our conclusion.

Golden Rules

  • Clearly define your organization’s mission statement, vision and values and make sure that employees commit to it.
  • Practice transparent, honest and bilateral communication. If you answer employee questions clearly, they will follow you.
  • A company’s livelihood depends on trust. To build and maintain trust, communication has to be top of mind.
  • Consider your employees as individuals and make sure that everyone benefits from listening and empathy.
  • Live your values. Employees must interpret your leadership as a demonstration of the best attitude to adopt.
  • Take attitude and behaviour into account when hiring resources. Experience alone does not guarantee performance.
  • Your initiatives to promote engagement must be continuous in order for you to maximize your main asset: your employees!


This table summarizes EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYER brand objectives with a view to maintaining and increasing employee engagement. Hundreds of Quebec SMES have already committed to this innovative program that contributes to their profitability and productivity.

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