SMEs and large enterprises


The concept of Exceptional Employer, developed in Quebec for the benefit of local SMEs, has a large-enterprise equivalent put forth by human resources consulting firm Aon Hewitt—Employer of Choice.

This correspondence has notably been raised through the use of surveys, which have allowed the firm to identify three major pillars supporting employee engagement and commitment.

  • Organizational Agility According to Aon Hewitt, many organizations implement management systems to create a work environment conducive to this agility. It was found that effective collaboration between company groups and departments plays a large role in its agility and reaction time.
  • Mobilizing Leadership Employees know that management is providing them with the support they need to succeed and management is clearly communicating the organization’s direction while showing transparency and openness. A recent study conducted by Aon Hewitt concludes that positive perception of leadership among employees directly correlates to their engagement.
  • Focus on Talent This is notably reflected by performance management that allows employees to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This management style, which places emphasis on talent, allows you to attract and retain the people which the company needs to achieve its objectives.


Canada SMEs, as opposed to large enterprises, do not have the necessary means to set up sophisticated human resource departments. This is partly what the EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYER program is for; to help them leverage best practices aimed at promoting the engagement and commitment of their employees.


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