Exceptional Employer

Exceptional Employer has allowed us to create a much more fun work environment, responsibilities that are more balanced between employees, increased productivity and an exceptional gain of profitability of more than 20%. The reason behind this change is first and foremost our awareness of the irritants and the solutions brought forward.

Yvon BousquetCarrosserie Yamaska, St-Hyacinthe

To obtain the Exceptional Employer brand has reinforced the sense of belonging. Employees greatly appreciate that we respect their opinion and they feel reassured that their coworkers think alike. A positive impact on productivity and profitability. It has confirmed what we are good at and where we need to improve.

Jean Duchesneau, Centre de l’auto Beaumont, Montréal

Exceptional Employer survey

What is the EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYER survey? It’s 68 questions divided into 14 topics, addressing a wide variety of subjects such as recognition and professional training. First, employees complete the survey to evaluate their expectations with regards to their job and the workplace, and then, they evaluate your performance as an employer for those same expectations. Our team of experts compiles the confidential results, identifying the strengths, weaknesses and aspects to improve, if any. Participants have 3 days to complete the online survey.

Data analysis

Once we have all the results, we analyze the data and create a detailed report including precise information, such as motivational factors at time of hiring, factors stimulating employee retention, strengths and weaknesses, and much more. The report is easy to understand and provides a wide range of information.

Recommendations and branding

Once the results have been delivered, it’s your turn to take concrete actions within your company. But Rest assured, you are not left alone to do so ! By obtaining the EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYER brand, you will get an accompanying document detailing your 3 biggest challenges, which will be explained to you when we deliver the results. A follow-up will be done every 3 months, in order to answer any questions you may have and to insure that the EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYER brand is helping you and your business.

Exceptional Employer has brought us to restructure our personnel. We have noted a better work environment and we have also been able to identify irritants with regards to employees as well as work organization. In the last 6 months, we have noted an improvement of our productivity by more than 15% and a 4.6% gain of our net profit, which is mainly due to the Exceptional Employer brand.

Jacques Bonin, Pro Mécanique, Ville St-Laurent

We were able to improve our work environment and gain mutual respect towards a collaborative effort thanks to Exceptional Employer. We have noted a better synergy between management and staff. We have created a committee for continuous improvement in order to pinpoint inefficiencies and enhance employee satisfaction. All of this has allowed us to improve our productivity and profitability by more than 6%.

Benoit Forcier, Pneus Vimont, Laval

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